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Article: The Easiest Way to Install Blinds on a Metal Door Without Drilling

The Easiest Way to Install Blinds on a Metal Door Without Drilling

Installing blinds on your metal door is a daunting process β€” especially if you anticipate needing to drill the door before mounting the blinds. Luckily, it's possible to install blinds without any drilling.

Here's how to install blinds on a metal door without drilling.

Gathering Your Materials

You'll need to gather suitable materials before installing your new window blinds. Measuring your door is also a necessity, as it isn't possible to get the right fit otherwise.

List of Materials

Depending on the type of no-drill blinds you're installing, you'll need to gather a few supplies. Things like magnetic brackets are typically included, but you should grab a cloth to clean your door and a measuring tape to assist in the installation process. Finally, you should shop for special no-drill blinds designed for screw-free attachment.

Measuring Your Door

Measure your door before you purchase your new no-drill blinds. Measuring your door guarantees that you'll select blinds that fit perfectly.

You should use your measuring tape to measure the height and width inside the window frame. Measure all four edges to account for any potential imperfections.

Choosing the Right Blinds

One of the most common mistakes homeowners encounter when attempting to mount blinds on their metal doors without drilling is choosing the wrong blinds. You'll need to shop for properly sized no-drill blinds for the best results.

Types of Blinds

There are a few different types of no-drill blinds to choose from. Magnetic blinds are the easiest to install, typically only requiring that you adhere a magnetic pad to your metal door.

Tension blinds hang within your door's window frame with a tension rod. Command hook blinds use an adhesive strip and hook to hang, while self-adhesive blinds use traditional glue and adhesives to stick.

Sizing Blinds

As you shop for your new shade blinds, you'll need to search carefully to ensure they fit within the window frame properly.

Use the width and height you measured earlier to shop for blinds that fit both dimensions. Choose blinds that are slightly smaller than the window frame you measured.

Installing Blinds Without Drilling

Unlike regular blinds, you can install drill-free blinds on your metal door through tension, adhesion, or even magnetic force. Most drill-free blinds are magnetic β€” and they're straightforward to install.

Magnetic Bracket Installation

Before you can mount your new blinds, you'll need to install the magnetic brackets on your metal door. You can complete this process in just a few simple steps:

  1. Wipe down and dry your door.Β Dust and moisture will harm the adhesion of the magnetic brackets.
  2. Hold your magnetic blinds up to the door and verify they're the correct size.
  3. Remove the adhesive sticker from the magnets and firmly stick them onto the door.

Mounting the Blinds

Mounting the blinds is just as simple once the magnetic brackets are firmly adhered to your door. You'll need to lift the blinds to the brackets and put them in place carefully.

The powerful magnets should hold them firmly in place. Make adjustments, if necessary, until the blinds are even and level.

Adjusting and Customizing

After you've installed your new blinds, you may need to adjust and customize them before they're perfect. You can even add valances or hang curtains to make your blinds more aesthetically appealing.

Adjusting Blind Length

You'll find that adjusting the length of your new blinds is an easy thing to do. Turn the blinds upright and remove the plug on the bottom blind just beneath the string on each side to release the blinds.

Then, pull the lift core until the blinds you want to remove are held against the bottom rail. Tie the string and reinsert the plug to secure your blinds at their new length.

Adding Valances or Hanging Curtains

If you aren't happy with the appearance of your new blinds, you can complement function with form with a new window covering.

Both are excellent for complementing your wall decor and tying your interior design theme together, as valances and curtains are available in many more colors and patterns than blinds. You can also use magnetic curtain rods, which makes hanging a window treatment really simple.

Maintenance and Care

After you've installed your new blinds, you'll need to take care of them properly. Fortunately, cleaning and troubleshooting your blinds is simple when you know the proper steps.

Cleaning Blinds

You should clean your blinds regularly to ward away dust and keep their appearance pristine. You can quickly clean your blinds with the help of a thin duster, microfiber cloth, or even a can of compressed air. If you want to keep the dust out of your home, use a damp cloth to wipe it away.


If your blinds stop working, you'll need to do a bit of troubleshooting. Most issues with blinds are caused by the strings. They can generally be corrected by releasing the plug at the bottom of the blinds and adjusting the strings. If the blinds are failing to adhere, you may need to wipe down the brackets.

Enjoy Your New Magnetic Blinds

Magnetic blinds are one of the best options if you want to mount blinds on your metal door without drilling. As long as you follow the provided instructions and fit the blinds to your door carefully, you'll find that installing your new magnetic blinds is a fun and hassle-free process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this method to install blinds on any type of metal door?

You can install magnetic no-drill blinds on most metal doors, but they won't work for every door. If the magnetic brackets can't adhere to your metal door properly, they may collapse when you add the weight of the blinds.

What if my metal door has a textured surface? Can I still use magnetic brackets?

You shouldn't use magnetic brackets if your metal door has a textured surface. Their adhesive backing won't be able to properly adhere to your door if the surface isn't even. You should consider installing a different type of no-drill blinds.

Are there any limitations to the types of blinds I can install without drilling?

There aren't any significant limitations to the types of blinds you can install without drilling. You can likely find options for many types of blinds, including wood blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman shades, vinyl blinds, mini blinds, and more.

Thanks to the variety of types of no-drill blinds available, hanging blinds without drilling for metal screws and mounting brackets is easy.

Can I remove and reposition the blinds easily if needed?

You can easily remove and reposition magnetic blinds, as they only need to be peeled away and re-stuck. Likewise, you can reposition tension rod blinds by adjusting the tension.

Other types of no-drill blinds, such as blinds that are hung with adhesive strips of Command hooks, aren't easy to reposition but are still easier than using metal screws.

Do magnetic brackets hold up well in extreme weather conditions?

Magnetic blinds can withstand extreme weather conditions because they use magnetic force instead of traditional adhesion. You should inspect your magnetic blinds regularly, however, as corrosion may damage them over time.

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