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Ordering Process

The search is over. It's time to order your dream metal iron or aluminum windows & doors. The beautiful black-framed all-glass Black Badge products are easy to order! We have made this dedicated ordering guide to help you every step of the way! If, for any reason, you are not sure about anything and have any questions, contact our team via calling or texting 877-222-2657 or email We can also assist you over email to make sure you’re not missing anything and invoice you directly form there.

Step 1

Choosing your product

Just like shopping online at any major retail store such as or, we've brought the same concept to our metal doors and windows! Though this may be a little unorthodox to our visitors at first, as the norm for purchasing windows and doors requires going through a third party building supply middleman and countless steps, our clients quickly fall in love with the simplicity of doing the same thing they do on Amazon, but with their next steel or aluminum metal doors & windows purchase! Cut out the resellers and save! So choosing your product is as simple as finding what you love and adding it to your cart! Even from your phone!

Step 2

Adding products to your cart

This step is easy! Whether you're ordering 1 or 100 products, our production facility is ready to get to work. You can browse our website for as much time as you need and review any and all of our products. Here's a quick guide to help you understand the basic terms in doors and windows:



Picture window is a term referring to a fixed or stationary window. A window that does not open. Our metal picture windows can be made in any size and style! Steel or Aluminum. Double pane or triple glazed tempered glass. Available in thermal break.

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Also known as a crank window or a push-out window, the casement window is a window that opens. To be more specific, it is a window that may have crank hardware or hinges on the sides and opens inward or outward. You choose which way (left or right) and design it in any style you wish! Comes in steel or aluminum. Double pane or triple glazed tempered glass. Available in thermal break.

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Combination windows combine a fixed picture window in the middle with casement windows that open on sides. Any way or style you want. A wide variety of options for your dream to come true! Double pane or triple glazed tempered glass. Available in thermal break.

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The grand eye-catcher that opens up your home or anywhere inside or outside. Beautifully crafted with black frame steel or aluminum. Designed to last in luxury. Double pane or triple glazed tempered glass available with a thermal break option.

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Double doors as a set, framed together and installed as one. Door handles at center, hinges on the left and right with both inswing and outswing options. Inswing or outswing. Interior or Exterior. Double pane or triple glazed tempered glass. Available in thermal break.

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Add transom lites (top) or sidelites (side) windows or fixed panels to any of our doors! Single, double, arched, dutch and more! Customize them any way you love with grilles or lites. Steel or Aluminum.

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Step 3

Checking out

Once you have chosen all of the metal doors and windows you want and added all of them to your cart, your total with shipping is calculated. This is where our design team will go over everything and finalize any and all options in an architectural drawing for you. You will need to approve and sign off on this print before we start production. Because all Black Badge Doors & Windows are custom made to order, we triple check all of our work for your 100% satisfaction.

Our dedicated team is ready to get to work!

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