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Article: Steel Pivot Doors vs Traditional Hinged Doors: Which Is Right for You?

Steel Pivot Doors vs Traditional Hinged Doors: Which Is Right for You?

Are you looking for a new door for your home? Then you might have considered going with steel pivot doors or traditional hinged doors!

While both kinds of doors offer several advantages and disadvantages, your decision to go with one over the other will rely on your preferences, space, and budget.

Don’t worry. We will break down the main similarities and differences between steel pivot doors and traditional hinged doors in terms of design, durability, functionality, and cost.

This article should give you a general overview of what steel pivot doors and traditional hinged doors have to offer.

Difference in Design

The difference in design between a steel pivot door and a traditional hinged door is one of the many things that set them apart.

Steel Pivot Doors

Steel pivot doors operate on a central point of contact where a central mechanism swivels. This is also where it gets its name—pivot doors! This means that steel pivot doors can be opened to an angle of 90 degrees in both directions. There is no hinge on the side of steel pivot doors.

Instead, there is only a concealed axis on which the doors swing. This is why steel pivot doors can be built wider than side-hinged doors.

Steel pivot doors are known for their modern, seamless look that works well with contemporary and old-style buildings. The best part about them is that they offer an uninterrupted view of the outdoor area when opened completely.

These doors can be fully customized to fit your preferences in color, shape, size, swivel style, and much more.

Traditional Hinged Doors

Traditional hinged doors are built to accommodate the use of door leaves which are fitted on frames and mounted to a wall. These hinges allow the door to be open from one side to another, usually in one direction (inwards or outwards).

A traditional hinged door can either be framed or frameless. It is common to see traditional hinged doors in various designs, styles, and sizes. However, traditional hinged doors are known for their rigidity and reliability but usually require more clearance space to accommodate their swing radius.


Functionality is another area where steel pivot doors and traditional hinged doors differ.

Steel Pivot Doors

It is common to see steel pivot doors used for large entrances since they make incredible use of space and are great at making a statement.

Steel pivot doors operate quietly and smoothly and can be adjusted to swing at varying speed levels. While steel pivot doors can be used for interior and exterior spaces, they shine the most in large spaces with gorgeous views.

If you want your home to always feel like a grand-style palace, it is safe to say you can never go wrong with a custom steel pivot door!

Traditional Hinged Doors

It is common to see traditional hinged doors in interior spaces as they offer more practicality and versatility. These doors provide better protection against water leaks and other weather conditions.

Traditional hinged doors work well as an exterior accessory in homes made of brick with some old architectural styling etched into them. Traditional hinged doors can be engraved and customized with monumental art pieces and lots more.


Durability is a huge factor in choosing the right home or office space door. This is because the durability of the door you choose can also affect the level of security and safety that such a door offers. Steel pivot doors and traditional hinged doors differ in the level of durability that they offer.

Steel Pivot Doors

Steel pivot doors are typically more durable than traditional hinged doors since they do not require any hinges and have fewer moving parts to function properly. Also, due to a steel pivot door’s mode of operation, it is less prone to wear and tear.

Steel pivot doors are typically made from strong, sturdy materials that withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy usage. Plus, steel is a very reliable construction material in the first place.

Due to their design, it is important to note that a metal pivot door is not as airtight as a traditional door with a hinge. And due to the unique design, steel pivot doors may require more maintenance than hinged doors over time.

Traditional Hinged Doors

Depending on the quality and door style, traditional hinged doors are also durable and reliable, especially premium, luxury ones. However, most traditional hinged doors may not last as long as steel pivot doors.

Due to their mode of operation, temperature changes, and moisture contact, traditional hinged doors are prone to sagging, cracking, and warping.

Traditional hinged doors are known to squeak over time due to hinge wear.

The best part about traditional hinged doors is that they are much easier and cheaper to maintain and repair than steel pivot doors.


The difference in cost between these doors varies depending on several factors, including the quality of the materials, size, design, and manufacturer. However, steel pivot doors are generally more expensive than traditional hinged doors.

Steel Pivot Doors

Steel pivot doors are typically more expensive than traditional ones because they require more expertise to install, customize, and maintain properly. Also, the exclusivity of steel pivot doors means they are marketed toward a certain class of home and office space owners. This adds to the value of steel pivot doors as well. Steel pivot doors add immense value and greatly improve curb appeal.

Traditional Hinged Doors

Several grades of traditional hinged doors can vary in price as they vary in quality. However, traditional hinged doors are not as expensive as steel pivot doors as they are usually widely produced and available.

However, it is important to note that some traditional hinged doors can cost more than some steel pivot doors due to their level of customization.

Traditional hinged doors can also add curb appeal value to your home depending on the style, quality, and color of your hinged door.


There is no such thing as one type of door being better than the other, especially in the case of steel pivot doors vs traditional hinged doors. The kind of door you choose for your home depends on your preferences, style, needs in functionality, and budget.

Typically, if you want a door that communicates modern design language with eye-catching designs that are powerful and impressive to look at, then a steel pivot door might be the right type of door for you.

However, if you prefer a completely functional, convenient, and reliable door, you should opt for conventionally hinged doors.

The most important thing is that whatever door you choose should complement the style of your house and satisfy the practical requirements of your home or building.

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