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Article: Installing Black Badge Steel Windows in a New Construction Home or Remodel

Installing Black Badge Steel Windows in a New Construction Home or Remodel

Installing Black Badge Steel Windows in a New Construction Home or Remodel

Installing in New Construction or Remodel

Installing Black Badge steel windows in a new construction home or remodel may be one of the easiest jobs for your contractor if done right! Or a complete nightmare if the wrong installation method is used. 

To begin, lets take the product we'll be talking about today. Black Badge steel casement windows. Casement meaning the window opens up as seen here:

The first thing to consider, is when ordering the steel window - the installation method for Black Badge Doors to manufacture it in. Black Badge offers both nailing flange and fins/tabs as an option. Nalliing flange being the most popular option for typical windows, but perhaps not the only option for metal windows. Many brick and mason construction homes opt for tabs or fins and then customize the trim. Most timber or wood construction frame homes will call for nailing flange. Then, depending on the siding - whether or vinyl or stone, will make a big difference. 

This example here shows Black Badge tabs or fins and the custom flange that a contractor will do to insulate and prepare for stone siding. See here:

There are so many ways this can be insulated and every contractor, depending on region, will have an option to manufacture this, but in this option the contractor used aluminum coil.

It is also worth mentioning that the steel casement windows are thermally broken. Because the project is in New England, USA there are winters with freezing temperatures and thermally broken steel frames will have a spacer from the outside preventing heat to be conducted and helping insulate the interior of your home. 

Regardless whether your go with nailing flange or fiins/tabs for your installation method, the install of these windows in a new construction or remodel will be a breeze with the right hands! Also, because steel is a solid metal, your rough openings don't have to be the standard 1" that most windows and doors call for. 1/2' - 3/4" is plenty! Something to consider. 

Steel Windows are Heavy!

Also remember that steel windows and doors are extremely heavy! Always prepare to transport these with a help of another contractor. 

All steel windows and doors coming from Black Badge will be thoroughly packaged in a heavy-duty plywood crate for maximum protection. 

Each delivery will require a fork lift, tractor with forks or a Lull handling forks to be unloaded. 

Of course if you have enough man power, you can unload each door and window individually, but make sure you have more than enough time available!

About Black Badge Doors & Windows

Black Badge Doors was founded by Jennifer Yanyuk, an interior designer with a passion for what she does. When she was in search of metal windows for a family farmhouse, all options were either impossible or astronomically expensive with lead times out of this world due to all jobs being custom. She began a quest of searching for a global solutions and working with options from factories overseas. Sooner than later, her design was met with an option that came from a factory with decades ofd experience with the windows and doors meeting or exceeding all expectations. Black Badge Doors was born and the rest is history! Today, there is an entire line of beautiful black slim windows and doors available in hollow steel, solid steel and thermally broken steel for cold climates! Simulated dividers or true dividers. Classic and modern door handles. Push-out and crank hardware. As well as various glass type! If you're looking for beautiful metal windows and doors for your home or any type of building, consider steel windows and doors from

2x4, 2x6 or 2x8 Construction

Regardless of the construction type, Black Badge steel windows and doors are very slim and will fit into any jamb! In fact, many customers, including architects, designers, builders, developers and homeowners choose a trimless option as the black window frames serve as a beautiful trim! While casement windows will have flanges or tabs/fins, picture or fixed steel windows that do not open can be mounted inside the frame for minimal intrusion. Anyone at Black Badge will be more than happy to work with you or your architect or contractor to make sure tnat your product will be the optimal solution. 

Black Badge Steel Doors & Windows 

With an extensive online catalog, Black Badge can manufacture custom entry glass steel doors, French doors, interior partitions, pantry doors, patio doors, sliding doors as well as virtually any window type! You are free to design the dividers any way you dream of, including no lites as well as as many grids or lites!

Call or TXT 877-222-2657

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