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Article: Custom Home Build by Noa Santos with Steel Metal Windows & Doors

Custom Home Build by Noa Santos with Steel Metal Windows & Doors

Custom Home Build by Noa Santos with Steel Metal Windows & Doors

It’s not often that one can build their custom dream home, but it’s even more rare when Noa Santos from NAINOA is the designer! Our family has come across a beautiful piece of land that just asked for a beautiful farmhouse. A new construction outfitted in stone with slim black window frames, beautiful glass doors and a timeless feel that didn't shout "trendy" yet wasn't outdated. The farmhouse needed everything from the outside patio in travertine, to gas lanterns and interior stone touches and natural wood elements needed to be perfect. That meant typical vinyl, fiberglass, wood or aluminum windows would not work. They just did not look good no matter which company made them. So our search began to find everything we needed to so our farmhouse looks like this:


With the help of Noa Santos and particularly one of his designers by the name of Alvaro, this farmhouse is becoming reality! But it would not be complete until the steel windows & doors were found. Were they? Well - All steel metal windows and doors from Black Badge Doors. A boutique metal windows & door fabricator, specializing in aesthetically pleasing designs of steel entry doors, steel French doors, arch doors, steel picture windows, steel casement windows & more! The first floor consisted of all double french glass doors and the second floor of symmetrical casement windows. A match made in heaven. The outfit is stone and looks like this:

It couldn't get better than this.

I repeat, BLACK BADGE DOORS made the house!

The custom door flanging was made of aluminum coil in black and came up as close as possible to the doors! This gave that trim less look we were going for and it came out absolutely stunning!

The courtyard with an A frame features a chimney:

The chimney broke up the typical facade and gave the farmhouse a new dimension. The entire A frame, front and sides was full of double steel doors from and we love it! 

As you can probably tell by now, symmetry was a big part of this custom home design, so the front of the house was all about it! The only custom door option here not from Black Badge Doors was the custom oak front entry door!


Check out more casement windows that are all from Black Badge!

As you can see the durable steel casement windows feature a beautiful German-made handle that is on the exterior of the window and has the authentic European look we wanted. They went into the frame easily and we were sure we got a product that was more than suitable for the cold climate of Massachusetts! The thermally broken steel frame is a construction that makes sure the exterior of the window does not may contact with the interior making sure the heat is not conducted. In addition, the double pane tempered glass from PPG helped insulated the window and the argon gas inside sealed the deal. In fact, the SuperSpacer is what sealed it! The silicon based product that is superior to the typical aluminum spacers found in the big brands. You can shop thermally broken steel windows and doors from Black Badge here.

Black Badge windows are installed into any timber frame and can be finished with any siding including vinyl, stone or brick!

The side of the house:

With perfectly designed dividers in all windows and doors, which you can choose to go with simulated with both internal and external grilles or true dividers that include individual glass panes, there is not a single thing you will regret. 

The roundabout:

The Garage:

The Field View:


Steel metal windows and doors are built to last a lifetime. Literally. We're talking about centuries vs decades. If you go and explore the world, you'll see that all historic builds may still have original windows and doors, and what are they made out of? Metal! That's right. Yes, they may be single pane and not have the hardware, but the frames are just as durable as the day that iron was welded for the window or door! 

Black Badge Doors takes the timeless designs and marries it to a modern and technologically advanced manufacturing process that equals a fabrication that is out of this world. From tempered glass to German-made hardware, you will not regret your windows and doors from Black Badge! We did not. 

Built to meet and exceed all building code regulations, whether you're in the souther part of California or the cold Maine, the double pane glass with Argon gas and a Super Spacer will simply be out of this world. 

So whether you're building a custom home, remodeling an existing house, preserving a historic building, starting a construction of a commercial building or remodeling, Black Badge Doors is ultimate steel window & door provider!

In conclusion, our custom farmhouse dream has become a stunning reality, thanks to the expertise of Noa Santos and the exceptional quality of Black Badge Doors' steel windows and doors. The perfect blend of timeless design and modern technology has resulted in a breathtakingly beautiful home that exudes elegance and sophistication.
The attention to detail and commitment to excellence exhibited by Black Badge Doors have been truly impressive. From the custom door flanging to the thermally broken steel frames, every aspect of their products has exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with our decision to choose Black Badge Doors and cannot recommend them enough.
As we settle into our new home, we are filled with gratitude and admiration for the team that brought our vision to life. We know that our farmhouse will stand the test of time, thanks to the durability and quality of Black Badge Doors' steel windows and doors. If you're embarking on a building project, we highly recommend considering Black Badge Doors for your window and door needs – you won't be disappointed!

You can contact Black Badge Doors:

CALL OR TEXT 877-222-2657

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