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Article: Are Steel Exterior Doors With Glass Safe?

Are Steel Exterior Doors With Glass Safe?

One of the hottest trends in home design is steel exterior doors. They're widely renowned for their aesthetic appeal, and as an added benefit, they're known to be highly durable and strong.

It's easy to wonder: are steel exterior doors with glass safe?

The Benefits of Steel Exterior Doors with Glass

There are a few clear advantages to steel exterior doors with glass panels that make them worth choosing over other varieties. They're functional, safe, and offer all the privacy you need.

They're also beautiful and energy-efficient. Simply put, there are many reasons to love steel exterior doors, and you'll quickly find that they're a home investment worth making.

Aesthetics and Natural Light

One of the most immediately impressive qualities of metal exterior doors with glass is their fantastic aesthetic.

They provide a mesmerizing level of contrast to the natural light flowing through the glass and accentuate a scenic view perfectly.

Best of all, they can make a room appear brighter thanks to the beautiful way the metal frames the light.

There's no doubt that metal doors are a clear winner over traditional types of doors -- but many homeowners aren't entirely convinced by the inclusion of glass.

It's easy to wonder if the glass might make the durability of the steel useless and provide an easy point of entry.

That couldn't be further from the truth. Steel exterior doors combine form and function to provide a beautiful and stunning result.

Design Versatility

The best part about steel exterior doors is that you won't be the only one to notice their incredible design. The curb appeal of steel doors with glass panelling is immediately obvious.

Their sleek and modern design immediately distinguishes them from generic doors and highlights your home as a chic space. Whether your aesthetic is industrial or contemporary, they have the versatility to match.

For an industrial aesthetic, pairing the steel doors with steel windows and metal furniture will tie any room together.

House plants and modern art can make the contemporary home a natural place for a chic steel door, while even a farmhouse aesthetic can be paired well with rugged brick siding and a black or brightly-colored metal door.

The sky's the limit when it comes to utilizing metal doors effectively, and if you're imaginative, there's no telling what creative uses you can come up with.

A great way to start is by tying together all the major elements, such as the walls, windows, doors, and floors. Once they have a cohesive theme, furniture, and later decor, can be inserted to match and expand upon the aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency

Last but not least, one of the greatest benefits of steel exterior doors is that they're incredibly energy efficient.

As energy costs rise, paying the utility bills can be a major struggle, and it's difficult to justify purchasing something like a steel exterior door when it seems like it would only conduct your heating or cooling away from your home.

Surprisingly, the idea that steel exterior doors are conductive couldn't be further from the truth. Steel exterior doors are specially designed to be non-conductive. They're extremely effective at maximizing insulation in homes and offices and reducing the overall cost of power.

This is thanks to a few of their unique qualities. Beyond the fact that steel exterior doors are specially prepared to be non-conductive, they don't warp or stretch.

This is incredible compared to wooden doors, notorious for expanding and shrinking due to surrounding temperatures.

Because steel exterior doors remain the same size and offer the same near-airtight seal year-round, you'll find that your home remains cozy and comfortable in all seasons.

Security Features of Steel Exterior Doors with Glass

Beyond the basic benefits of steel exterior doors, their impressive security features allow them to stand out from other door styles and provide a compelling reason for homeowners to try them out.

The quality glass, frames, locks, hardware, and metal used in our steel exterior doors ensure you can rely on them for many years.

Tempered or Safety Glass

One of the best security features on our steel exterior doors is their incredibly durable glass. We select premium tempered or safety glass on every design we offer, guaranteeing near-total resistance to shattering, potential intrusions, and harsh weather conditions.

The steel that makes up the door itself is just as durable. Steel exterior doors are constructed from 20 to 26-gauge steel. This material can resist weather and wear for decades with minimal maintenance.

In harsh climates, steel exterior doors with tempered glass are an investment ensuring your home will remain secure for years.

Reinforced Frames and Locks

It's not just the steel door itself that needs to resist damage. The frames, locks, and hinges need reinforcement; otherwise, the door is only as strong as its hardware.

We understand the importance of reinforced glass frames, locks, and hinges. As a result, all of our entry doors are designed with strength in mind. Reinforcement starts with the window frame. The glass is only as strong as the frame that holds it.

Our steel door frames are carefully welded and galvanized for maximum seal. They resist cracking and warping, providing little to no space for attempted prying or shattering.

Even the glass is strong, as we only select highly shatter-resistant materials like fiberglass. The lock is just as reinforced. Every lock on our steel exterior doors is designed to provide maximum resistance against tampering.

We follow the highest industry standards and select heavy-duty materials to guarantee the best possible quality.

The door hinges are equally reinforced, boasting features like drill-resistant plates and long burglar-proofing screws.

Impact Resistance

Finally, exterior steel doors are highly impact-resistant. Unlike wood doors, steel doors can withstand nearly any level of force.

Hurricanes and humans alike will find it impossible to break through the thick steel door, and they won't have any more luck with the durable metal hinges and hardware. Designs with decorative glass aren't any more vulnerable to damage than traditional steel doors.

Our fiberglass doors are constructed with highly resistant materials that can withstand as much wear and tear as solid steel entry doors. No matter what metal door you choose, you can rest assured that you'll have plenty of peace and quiet.

Protect Your Home With Exterior Steel Doors

Installing steel entry doors is one of the best investments you can make to secure your home -- and you'll even improve curb appeal while you're at it.

Despite common concerns, the safety and efficacy of steel entry doors far exceed other varieties of doors. After installing one of these reliable doors, you'll be amazed at just how practical and durable they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are steel exterior doors with glass as secure as solid steel doors? Steel exterior doors with glass are as secure as solid steel entry doors as long as the glass is quality.

Our doors are constructed with premium glass resistant to nearly every conceivable form of wear and tear, natural elements, and human force. Many of our most practical options include built-in fiberglass panels.

We select and use glass that abides by the highest durability and quality standards. Can I choose different glass thicknesses for added security? You can choose from different glass thicknesses for added security when selecting certain types of steel exterior doors with glass.

The vast majority of our doors are offered with several different glass thicknesses, including 3/16", 1/4", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" fiberglass. If you aren't sure about a specific door, please reach out directly for more information and a project estimate.

Do these doors meet safety standards and regulations? Steel doors meet all safety standards and regulations. They are strong enough to withstand external elements and human force and reliable enough to provide easy access in almost every scenario.

They're widely considered one of the most secure doors, making them an ideal option if you're concerned about potential break-ins or tampering.

Steel entry doors generally also comply with fire codes, though it's recommended to inquire about the door you're interested in before purchasing. Fire-rated doors will likely include a fire-rating sticker on the door itself.

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